innovate, lead, grow 

Digital Transformation with Spatial Technology


Peter Bowen
Director, Spatial and Data
NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment 

Tim Sinclair
Principal Manager, Digital Customer Experience 
Transport for NSW


Chris Hoar
Principal Consultant

About this panel discussion

We are living in a time where the urge to move away from time consuming and arduous processes is the new norm. All organisations, particularly those in the public sector - are moving their processes, forms and manuals to digital in an effort to make operations more efficient for teams. As with most requests and submissions, much of the time the public seeks answers to problems according to their location and in the context of their surrounding area.

However, taking decades of paper based systems and transforming them to digital is no mean feat. The process takes champions and departments that are willing to lead the change. As a result, people need no longer wait standing in line to get answers, or need to sift through papers to find a solution. Information is slowly but surely becoming more accessible as and when it is needed.

The NGIS panel discussion ‘Innovate, lead, grow: Digital transformation with spatial technology’ facilitates a discussion with two NSW Government representatives that are championing digital change with spatial influence.

The discussion will focus on:

  • The current state of play: Why the move to digital? 
  • The challenges of transforming location-based information and systems to digital.
  • Examples of successful spatial project deployments within the government.
  • The impact and successes of the project beyond operational efficiencies.