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Plug and play VR capability in a digital twin environment


What is this webinar about? 

The value of visualisation, data integration and user-ease in the digital twin environment is deeply understood and appreciated in sectors like mining, infrastructure and planning, utilities, and smart city development. And as more and more industries adopt this technology the demand is growing for increased capabilities.

Geospatial visualisation advancements are now enabling organisations to quickly integrate large and varied datasets to build precision digital twin environments that can easily be integrated with Virtual Reality technology. VR within your digital twin environment unlocks a world of operational possibilities including:

  • Induction and Training: Orient your team using virtual digital twins of sites, machinery, and hazardous situations before they are deployed onsite.
  • Show and tell: Share a VR tour of your operations with internal and external company stakeholders and allow them to gain a “smart perspective” of your environment.
  • Think in 3D: Real life is not 2D. Enable your clients and team members to make better decisions based on VR enabled digital twin environments that provide an immersible 3D space.

What you'll learn

For large organisations, the ability to remotely access a full-scale replica of business operations at any time and any place provides a competitive edge when it comes to making informed business and operational decisions. Technology is quickly advancing and understanding the benefits of these advancements is critical to enabling your organisation to stay ahead of the competitive curve.

Download the webinar and you will discover:  

  • Practical examples of the benefits of utilising digital twin environments. 
  • VR and why you should integrate this advanced technology into your digital twin environment. 
  • Ways VR + digital twins can improve operations and optimise processes.



Krystle Dobson
Business Development Lead 

Malcolm Doyle
General Manager
Skyline Globe Australia
Nick Chai
Principal GIS Consultant


This webinar was co-hosted between NGIS Australia and Skyline.